Trees Do Cry

You get tragedy where the tree, instead of bending, breaks.


But I, all day, I heard an angel crying:

‘Hurt not the trees.’

Charlotte Mew, The Trees are Down

Full poem here:

Recently, The Haven cut down many trees to build a parking lot. While I do not approve, what was most troubling to me was the apparent inability of people to openly criticize it. Indeed, I witnessed one person imply that the trees wanted to be cut down, that mother nature would understand.

I don’t actually understand why a parking lot is necessary or why the trees should listen to us and not us to the trees. The protective bubble placed around The Haven only serves to keep outsiders out and insiders from being able to clearly see the world and their position in it.

The protective bubble shows a lack of faith, the real Haven magic is that it doesn’t need protection.

If Haven wants to continue into the future, it needs to encourage rather than suppress criticism. I am listening to the trees and they did not want to be cut down.

The irony of the whole situation is almost funny.


*I have technically finished writing this blog but have come across more ironies that are too unbearable to not mention.

I wrote an ethics course for someone else (you know that already but deserves a repeat.)

I discovered that at the leadership summit, the group of which I was blocked from, topics were: diversity, inclusion and creating dialogue (I was pleased to see that negative blogs was a bullet point, as well as many of the issues in my blog, but just saying that will probably have them editing it out. You think I am crazy, it has happened before.)

After calling me a narcissistic, arrogant, fuck up for years, they still seem to be surprised that they have a troll on their hands. I was so far from bad that it hurts.

From their leadership page:

We are already diverse (if diverse means – acceptance of a wide range of people and willing to have them in).

I laugh so that I am already crying.

Leadership page found here: