Photo Haiku

I took some photos at Haven the other day. I wanted to write poems to them but it was harder than I anticipated. Here are some haiku-like starts. The titles are all from books by Ben and Jock. Reps centre was where I spent much of my work/study labeling pictures and cataloging books (in exchange for food).

manual for life

Manual for Life

The past is a treacherous whore, says Jock.

He could have done a much better job

Just showing us the Pepsi can

From his garden.


As it is in heaven

As It Is In Heaven

How does he know Heaven?

I barely know my refrigerator–its a relationship

I’m working on. The crab might know

But he ain’t speaking.


illuminated heart

The Illuminated Heart

This is the place they put the retired garden gnomes.

I was locked up here for six weeks.

I was told it was full of spirit.

All I saw was dust illuminated by

Stolen threads of light.


TIMG_4780he (New) Manual for Life

The shack of shame/smoke pit is the best place

To view people pretending they don’t see you.

The best place to know heaven isn’t yours–

Inhale too deeply–that cigarette is gone.

The best view is always the one no one

Wants to admit they have.