SJW: Respect v Compassion

The Latin root of condescension
Means we all sink.

Seamus Heaney

University campuses have some interesting debates on free speech currently. Jordan B Peterson has some very interesting comments on the mother figure and how it has corrupted intellectual freedom, resiliency and free speech. He mentions the over-valuing of compassion. I was reminded of this based on a recent email. I asked for respect and accountability, not compassion. I was offered the opposite. Compassion and paternalism without respect is the surest way to guarantee that a person will not become resilient. So compassion offered up from those who continue to ban me from the leadership/diversity forum is not requested–it is condescension. Indeed, from those who specifically stated that I have nothing to offer.

I will come back to this notion of the mother figure, the over-valueing of compassion and de-valueing of respect, with reference to Jordan B Peterson at a later date. And yes, I am aware that I will lose respect from SJWs by respecting Jordan B Peterson and what he has to offer in terms of the psychological literature. On the surface it may appear that my complaints most align with SJWs. However, they are much more the opposite. The mother-victim dynamic is held as virtue in the SJW world. Those advocating for free speech are concerned with respect and accountability. And there are people who have much to gain from me being in the role of the child to be emotionally supported, and not that my intellectual and ethical comments have any value in themselves. It terrifies me greatly that there is talk of a new work/study to train more young people to become good followers.

But in case it hasn’t been clear thus far: I have requested respect, accountability, and a public forum. Not your emotional support. I am sorry if that hasn’t been clear yet. This also relates to previous research on emotional over-involvement. See post and/or podcast on The Problem With The Solution. It also relates to the Axis of Likability–a similar red herring. Okay, it relates to everything. Jordan B Peterson probably wouldn’t like the way I have altered the hero archetype but both hero and mother can be equally corrupt–often in an identical format. Always offering up followership–never personal worth and intellectual freedom. I risk a lot by not aligning myself with SJWs. I am aware of this. However, I am not about to give up my integrity now–I have lost too much already for it.

-inadequate follower

PS I was originally going to post more of the Seamus Heaney quote,

On your way up, show consideration
To the ones you meet on their way down.
The Latin root of condescension
Means we all sink.

but then I realized that I had the equation backwards in regards to who is on their way up and who is on their way down. I don’t necessarily want it to be that way. Criticism can be a life jacket. Criticism can be water. Criticism can be anything you are willing to take from it.


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