Every utopia – let’s just stick with the literary ones – faces the same problem: What do you do with the people who don’t fit in?
Margaret Atwood

Just a brief update…

They will not give me a 2nd meeting

They will not acknowledge harm done or any of my experiences

I’m still banned from the diversity discussion

Man I thought the ethics course was ironic!

I cannot explain to outsiders what it is to have so much empathy without any morality. Beliefs cause this. One would easily contradict it by pointing out cases where morality is important. If only beliefs were rational!

It is basically chess. All of their moves are to protect those with power or the beliefs themselves. Suggesting huge doubt. Beliefs held with confidence need not be protected.

And I’m struggling like hell to get my life back. No one even hands me a life jacket. One day I know I’ll say I’m a better writer or person for it. That day is forever away. Forever and a day.


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