Selves Model: Super Ego v Ideal Self

I listened to a Zizek talk where he mentions that the current climate of obsessive self-analysis is the tireless workings of the Super Ego, and the guilt stops us from looking at the broader culture that is often to blame.

I haven’t actually brought up the Selves Model yet. Probably because it is the model I have the least problems with. Probably because it basically is a reprint of Freud. Is the Ideal Self the Super Ego? Freud makes more sense to me on this point. The Super Ego is the judge. At least if the Ideal Self is the same as the Super Ego, then why to get away from it have we embraced it? The truly authentic self need not be authenticated. The Super Ego interacts with society by protecting us via narcissism. Instead of living in a sick environment, we are sick. And we are sick for thinking we are sick. It is an endless trap. Self-analysis is what keeps the hamster wheel turning.

You are probably wondering why I keep writing on these points. Surely I am aware that if I want people’s attention, I should focus on the situations that were not only unethical but illegal. My critical thinking was squashed for so long… It is freedom to be able to use it. The models are treated like a Super Ideal–one is not to question. Strange since they were created by people with no training in philosophy, psychology, sociology, etcetc…

Could someone please explain the purpose of the Selves Model?

I know nobody will but it never hurts to ask. No, I lie, it has often hurt to ask. My Super Ego is a sadist, my ego is a masochist and my id has taken a vacation.

You are probably also wondering how I lived so long in a place I disagreed with so much. When you have given up your critical thinking, it no longer matters what you agree with. I lived in a place where truth didn’t exist. And living out a lie is often the best way to safeguard oneself from acknowledging that the lie even exists. Therefore, I surrounded myself with people who would support the lie. This was all I had ever known. Groupthink is the workings of the collective Super Ego. Probably why I dislike the Selves Model–it treats society as more or less irrelevant and puts the self above all else, offering the Ideal Weapon for the Super Ego. What was your intention in that remark? Are you narcissistic or borderline? What colour is your true self?

I am losing my mind just by going through the motions of it.

Strange too since it is meant to combine East and West. Why take the narcissism of the West while leaving out the science? I would do the opposite. Keep the science, ditch the narcissism. I don’t know enough about the East to say what I would keep or leave out. But I know enough to admit when I dont know.

This also means that one cannot critisize ideas because it all comes back to the self. So if you challenge an idea, people treat it as if you were critisizing them as a person, and this, like the Junot Diaz quote (Axis of Likeability post), keeps critics silent, for in return for your critical thinking, you also have your self on trial–and we are back to the hamster wheel. I cannot begin to explain the amount of criticism I have received. If I wasn’t sure that there’s an unspoken rule not to criticize the institution, I’m sure now. What Zizek calls “the freedom of the forced choice”–it is forbidden to even say that it is forbidden. The notion tends to be that we are a victim to the perceptions of the outside world, and not that the outside world has any valuable insight. All of these points must seem ridiculous, but as time passes, I become increasingly sure that these beliefs create the culture which ignores ethics. The best way to combat that? Diversity of thought. Meaning not banning me from the discussion. They don’t even have the integrity to admit I’m banned, just silently allow in others. As long as one must have the same values, is evaluated on Haven’s terms, diversity is all but impossible.

I am getting a new pair of Invisible Super Anti-Hero Pajamas. Analyze as you wish. I am not, that would ruin the whole point.


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