Blog 101

I actually don’t feel like writing but I don’t feel like doing much else so here are some blog basics for any newbies:

The categories and tags make very little sense. My phone has a life of its own and my laptop has busted keys but I’m working on it. 

If you come here expecting to have a complete version of events that makes sense, you won’t find it. It took me a lifetime… If you read the whole thing you might have 10% but I seriously hope you don’t have that much time.

The Haven doesn’t endorse any messages or views here and isn’t responsible for any negative consequences of viewing. 

My cat is Zachary. Sometimes Nietzsche. Always Super. Well, generally.

PS can anyone tell me what happened to the diversity discussion? I added more questions to “question time” post. Executive Director says I “offer no benefit to Haven (diversity discussion).” Please pass on questions and explain to me what questions are more “beneficial”?


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