Reflection Time

Today I was reflecting on all of the messages I’ve received from Haven. They can all be boiled down to: “if you were a different person, you would be worthy of space…”

My point exactly!

I watched the videos, including of someone I was meant to make a PowerPoint honouring while I was stuck in a closet.

The next time someone’s put in a closet and no one hears them until they start shouting, I hope we don’t then say, “we don’t listen to people who shout!”

My ultimate question is… If I would be worthy if I were someone else, don’t you think I would’ve been that person if I could’ve been?

The leaders made a small group almost entirely of themselves in the summit, even when the topics were diversity, power and dialogue.
No one again is going to be stubborn enough to break through that barrier or to prove that that barrier exists (attempting to break through is the only way to prove its existence, and one canny break through without knowing its existence…)
No one again is going to be this crazy. I am a gift!
And if someone in the future is this crazy… Please give them my number. They’re in for hell. But they probably already know that. Give it to them all the same. A sane person might say, “if you find that person, don’t tell me…”

If anything, I must be successful in life to show that person that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that’s not owned by Apple. 

You think I’m stubborn because I finally value myself despite you. I think I’m finally free. Freedom comes at a cost, of course… That’s true existentialism.


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