I am pleased to report that a resolution to this matter has been achieved this week, which means that the hearing scheduled for September 12th in Nanaimo has been cancelled.

They came to their own resolution without me. I don’t know what to say. Cannot end with someone else’s resolution. Their decision will be mailed shortly. The way I came to terms with having the first investigation overturned and doing the whole thing over was that I might be heard–in person. Now there is nothing left to count down to.

I could come up with a lot of platitudes that would go along with this. Something about irony in life versus writing. Something about guilt and innocence and moving on.

But those would go against the entire point which is that sometimes there is no meaning.

According to Haven people, I am unaware, not responsible, uncaring… I got another one of those messages. When their philosophy succeeds, it is by virtue of their philosophy. When it fails, the individual is not good enough.

Frankly, Haven, I got tired of not being good enough because I didn’t fit in your box.

My philosophy may not have an orchestra, jazz hands or even be hugely comforting.

This is true existentialism–there is no meaning. But that doesn’t sell very well. If you are selling any philosophy, that philosophy cannot be existentialism.

True existentialism is that there is no resolution unless you are willing to write one yourself.

But I will stick to my timeline  and remember that this whole madness has created more allies than enemies. Those who turned on me were never really there.

And what does it say about an institution that makes personal attacks in response to complaints?


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