There Is a Place

(title taken from Haven YouTube video)

This is a place is a place,

But is not a place.

A place is not a place

When you are in the place

While simultaneously


Elsewhere. I was homeless

When I showed up to this place

That is not a place. But being homeless

Was more of a place

Than this place ever was.


Let’s get one thing out of the way,

I am not a nature poet. I may not even be

A natural poet. I am most at home

In the homeless places. At least they never

Pretend to be something they’re not.


I have been out of place in this place

For years now. Picking 4 leaf clovers

Out of ashtrays. Wearing old places like badges

In the place where poetry is forbidden

And broken plates lie waiting

For the poet to come and say

This place is not a place

And nobody is forgiven.


But don’t take that out of place.

A homeless poet is only as wise

As the place she’s in.


Just beyond the place where North

& South road meet—That has never made sense

To me— I never took the road less traveled,

But always the one polluted with too many

Signs—East meets West, this place declares;

Why have one when you can choose

The best delusions of both?


A place that is North, South, East and West

Is only as wise as traveling the road

Where rocks fall at night and owls hoot

Knowing that a place is not a place

When it declares to contain all.


If I am only as wise as the poem I am in,

I may be in trouble. A place is not a poem,

When you get down to it. A poem can contain

East, West, North, South. But only by

Mocking itself, which this place never will.


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