A quick note on relativism

To make meaningful change, The Haven has to lessen its tight grasp on relativism. For one, it is ironic; they hold on to relativism (there being no right) as being truth. But more importantly, ethics without morality is bureaucracy.

We see this in a lot of liberal circles–the inability to criticize some practices by hiding behind relativism, while being more than willing to criticize others.

At Haven this means that those without power are easy to dismiss. Condescension always has the hidden belief that one owns truth. But any criticism of those with power can be brushed away behind a superior notion of being beyond morality.

It is impossible to build a society or even institution without a moral foundation without these things I have struggled with occurring.

After all, do they not hold it as true that one should be responsible, honest, etc? That is a moral claim, that is not relative.

We need to stop using relativism as a defense. It doesn’t exist. We take it for granted that rape is just wrong–but this is not true of all societies or over all times. Relativism is only a tool of power that chooses when moral truths should apply and when not.


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