Et al

I just wanted to clear some things up.

Integrity: I completely understand that a business cannot be expected to reveal negative traits. However, there’s a huge difference between “honesty is a core value” and “honesty is a core value to the extent that any business can be expected to have it.” The former is dishonest, the latter is meaningless.

Abstractions: we move away from abstractions in writing because their sole purpose is to get away from feeling. Instead of showing you my sweaty hands or racing pulse, I can sum it up with “I’m afraid” and avoid going into the experience at all. Abstractions are merely labels we use to avoid explaining that which is being labelled. The more labels we use, the further we get from experience. This has its uses but must be acknowledged accordingly. Research shows that labels also alter and distort that which is being experienced.

Trolling: I’m not a troll.

Lawyers: I’m told that Haven had nothing to do with the lawyer. They would say that they have no connection to the investigation whatsoever. I disagree on the latter point.

Theory of mind v empathy: empathy is the ability to feel deeply for another person or animal. Theory of mind is the ability to understand that others have separate internal states. One can have theory of mind without empathy (sociopaths do). Can one have empathy without theory of mind? Less clear cut but the evidence suggests yes. The haven “model” of empathy focused entirely on theory of mind. We all have theory of mind already. If you didn’t, you’d have the social development of a 2 year old.

Identity: it may seem like a contradiction to reject the mirror and accept the Erikson/Marcia identity states. There’s no contradiction, identity is best formed by looking out into the world, not by looking within.

Perhaps I’m a troll the way Haven is honest. These are the roles available in this particular game. I didn’t have many options for roles. The best way to fight the victim-hero-villain game is to switch roles. I tried to reject the game itself. I’ve failed numerous times, but perhaps I’ve exposed its existence.


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