Voldemort Effect: We need to talk. Still.

The Voldemort effect takes its name from Harry Potter–the character who cannot be named. Something cannot be confronted because people are too afraid to even acknowledge its existence. Often used in the context of the regressive left.

There are problems that must be confronted. I realize how easy I am to dismiss, and would be far less easy to dismiss if I were someone else…

Underneath the claims of self-responsibility, there is a culture of victimhood and heroes, racism and sexism, conformity and inequality.

Instead people are acting as if I am Voldemort, I am the one who cannot be named.

But what am I at fault for but naming that which cannot be named?

So I have named myself here. I am only the representation…

I realize that people have long since stopped paying attention and I should organize this blog better. In time I will. And I realize that perhaps there are better hobbies…

For now I just wanted to say. Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort.


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