The Emperor

I just realized that although I have been sidetracked many times, I have largely done what I set out to do.

I have given up on salvation, I have broken the silence, I have battled, I have questioned, I have certainly struggled, I have gone back to the scene of the crime, I have declared myself as the authority on my own life, I have been defeated, I have stood back up, I have demanded to be treated as valuable…

I am dangerously close to the driving into the sunset scene…Let the record state, I was never afraid of the crash but the opposite.

Maybe most people don’t advertise their battle on social media. But most people don’t have a leash and collar as tight as mine got, nor battled those society had declared as good. I will stop making it my fight to prevent those leashes from continuing to be glorified. But I will not stop telling the truth about how it felt to have one around my neck, and the horror of the freedom when it was removed.

After all, it is impossible to fight a hero without becoming one. Shouting out, The emperor has no clothes! to a nudist colony is a bit absurd.

I still believe ethics DO matter and ethics at Haven are non-existent. I also believe that one day people might care what I have to say. That day will only come after the credits.

I hope they say something like

Super Anti-Hero/Human


freud has left the building.


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