Obvious facts

Some obvious facts that appear to be not-so-obvious:

It is much harder for me to be hard on someone who acknowledges my existence.

To run away from criticism proves my point about dogma and a lack of integrity.

Ideas that need to be protected are not ideas worth having.

Running away from me now proves my point that the smaller I was, the more I was rewarded and accepted.

In 10 years, I will describe my life in terms of pre-Haven fallout and post-Haven fallout.

Those who wanted to turn me into themselves are the easiest to criticize but those who wanted me to be small were ever-more dangerous. Since their approach was so highly dependent on their reputation of goodness, these people are very slippery and difficult to reveal. Their current responses are the best evidence.

Regardless of who can claim to be the honest, caring or good party, I am alive and no one can doubt that I am more of a person today than I was a year ago.

In the long term, the focus on being seen as a pure utopia will only crumble. This is the basis of every single dystopian novel for a reason.

People don’t like obvious facts, for how can anyone claim any wisdom that way?


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