Four fingers

I have now been called too critical.

So, Haven, let me remind you of what else I have been called by authority figures. (You seem to want the authority but not the responsibility?)

Fucked up, arrogant, narcissistic, blaming, entitled, untrustworthy, mad, lacking responsibility, lacking understanding, crazy, dishonest, borderline, manipulative…

I have been laughed at, patted on the head like a dog, almost run over, had leaders show up at my door unannounced after I asked them not to, I have been told that I am incapable of making my own decisions in life, was called blaming when I suggested that the person who said that he didn’t give a shit if I died was being cruel, I have been told that I don’t understand caring or honesty, don’t speak up enough, speak up too much, am too shy, too strange…

I have only followed your lead, in some respects. In other respects, I abandoned it entirely.

Too critical is not a claim you get to make, unless you take a good look at where your other 4 fingers are pointed.


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