Well, yet another Haven leader refuses to discuss Haven with me (indeed, any aspect of Haven.) At least this one doesn’t run away from me, but continues to act as a leader without being willing to acknowledge a differing viewpoint or struggle.

The list keeps getting longer. And many do run away from me.

I am still really struggling to understand the notion of integrity and honesty that Haven claims are so key.

And struggling with the notion that basically no one cares. The institution which accredits private post-secondary institutions told me that it was none of their business, that I should go through the courts if I had a problem. What, then, is of their concern, I am not so sure…

The people listed in the complaint procedure also refuse to communicate with me.

I have been blocked, deleted, banned, ignored… For what but being honest?

What is their definition of honesty, self-responsibility and integrity? What?

I have chosen not to involve the courts. I was expecting criticism and some sort of fall out. Nothing could have prepared me for this.


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