Morality binds and blinds. It binds us into teams… but thereby makes us go blind to objective reality.

Jonathan Haidt

Today I read an interview with Haidt, a psychologist who mostly focuses on morality and politics. He argues that both the left and right have sacred objects, and part of the problem today is that both the left and right unnecessarily step on the sacred objects of the other side. Compromise is a must (I disagree with The Haven on this.)

This also begs the question, can anyone who is fundamentally married to the Haven way of thinking–the sacred object–accurately see how this marriage may prevent other (equally valid) ways of being? Or can they see where their sacred object causes them to actually do harm?

We all have sacred objects. Is awareness of how these objects blind us possible?

The left’s sacred objects are no more worthy than the right’s. This will lose me points amongst the overwhelming amount of people I know who lean left.

When are we leaning and when have we put up a flag?

The right is not amoral by virtue of being the right.

The Haven is not moral by virtue of being The Haven. In fact, they can, at times, do harmful things.

We will not be able to see this until we’re able to see where we’ve put our flag.

I would put a link to Haidt but almost everything online by Haidt is equally interesting.


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