Not special

Another thing I have wanted to say and have not yet said… Since now every last desire to protect people from their own shadows is gone (I also realize that I haven’t been entirely fair in those who I have left out of this.)

When things got to be about their worst, I was told,

We wouldn’t do this for anyone else, but don’t think you’re special!

So, Haven, I wouldn’t write a blog for anyone else, but don’t think you’re special!

Of course, I haven’t wrote my blog for you. I hope you one day see that nothing you did was for me, either. Otherwise I wouldn’t have received so much blame and shame when it failed.

A lot of fuss has been made these days about accepting diversity of gender, race and sexuality.

We will really be getting somewhere when diversity of thought is equally promoted. I am different in a way that doesn’t fit in a box, and yet, I seem to have striven for years to fit in a box that wasn’t even there…

Creating one mode of communication and advocating that it is superior to other modes doesn’t just put diversity in jeopardy, it goes after it with a hatchet.

I wasn’t trying to be special, I was just trying to survive in a maze full of invisible barricades.

The way I see people, daily, pat themselves on the back for their authenticity, honesty and wisdom makes me think that you are trying to be special. I could be wrong. But I think it starts with publicly admitting that it’s not all sunshine and kittens over there…

Who will you do that for?


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