Deep Truth

[Bohr] was fond of a concept he called “deep truth.” It exemplifies Ludwig Wittgenstein’s proposal that all of philosophy can, and probably should, be conveyed in the form of jokes. According to Bohr, ordinary propositions are exhausted by their literal meaning, and ordinarily the opposite of a truth is a falsehood. Deep propositions, however, have meaning that goes beneath their surface. You can recognize a deep truth by the feature that its opposite is also a deep truth.

Frank Wilczek

I think this quote speaks for itself on why the communication is problematic. However, I also know that philosophical questions are getting me away from the ethical questions which were why, ultimately, I started this blog…

Philosophical questions are more interesting. They provoke less anger. And if one looks deep enough, beneath each philosophical question is an ethical question… Who owns truth and are they willing to own its opposite?


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