I feel like

I realize that people have probably long since moved on from this blog. And I am not the angry person I was upon its creation. However, I feel like it’s best to still have a place to put my thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of dialogue about Haven ideas. And I am not against the ideas themselves, I am as for and against them as I was in most of my university courses. However, in university everything was up for discussion and debate.

So what is today’s discussion? I feel like. It was no accident–not entirely–that I used it previously.

I think that it is a huge mistake to criticize uses of terms. Words evolve. When we do not allow words to evolve, we squash all of the brilliance that is language and in turn, what it means to be human.

Take dream, for instance.

I dream of going to the Olympics. 

I had a dream that Margaret Atwood was working for the NSA. 

You’re dreaming if you think that Trump will be president. 

All of those use a very different definition of dream. At one point, someone could have accused many of those definitions of being inaccurate. What makes language brilliant? What meant one thing one day can mean something else the next. And this evolution is a shared journey–according to Wittgenstein, there is no such thing as a private language.

When one says I feel like, they are not confusing thoughts with feelings, just as the person who is dreaming of going to the Olympics is not confusing what happens during sleep with desires for success.

It may seem that I am being as pedantic as the communication model. I feel like you could be right. But the English language is not going to stop evolving, no matter how much we may try to stop it. I would rather evolve with it.

Here, a linguist’s defense:



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