…the cats will know.

Cesare Pavese

One memory that has come up frequently over this past week or so…

I was at a table with a group of people, mostly interns, also the director of interns. They were joking about how I should set up a table to write papers for interns. Set up a station and charge for it.

This was mostly a joke, it came about because I had already been asked to plagiarize for both a leader and an intern. In the latter case I got nothing in return. In the former case I was paid almost nothing (when I told someone what I was paid she thought I meant per paper and not per graduate course).

So why did I do it? Acceptance. Was it crazy to think that acceptance is gained through plagiarizing academic papers? Not where I had come from.

I laughed but a part of me ached as I did so. In hindsight I want to shake everyone at that table, this isn’t funny!

Not only laughing away but encouraging the joke and adding to it? The director, also in charge of ethics.

So why didn’t I go directly to anyone to discuss my concerns?

They’re still laughing.

I’m not.


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